Aluminum profiles of architectural polyether coating are of ever increasing demand amongst our clients.

Pulver Platinum, Pulver matt, Pulver Blue coats expands new possibilities for design solutions indoors and for outdoor application.

Wide range of modern and unconventional versions of the profile ccoating enables to meet the most demanding wishes of the customers.

  • Coating thickness 60 – 80 microns
  • Qualicoat Certificate (Certificate №: P-0782 and P-0959)
  • Pulver platinumis of 27 colours in the catalogue, different hues of silver, bronze and golden colours
  • Pulver MATT– is of 48 colours as per RAL, smooth and matt surface
  • Pulver Blue– is of 36 hues of matt and structured metallic

Performance time limits of orders that include coating as per the catalogues are standard ones and shall not exceed 4 weeks. The cost shall be calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on the preferred colour and amount of the material. Using your drawings we will provide you with the calculation that considers your wishes.