50F Facade system

50F Facade system50F Facade system50F Facade system50F Facade system
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Conventional rack and girder facade system with visible part of 50 mm. System of 50F CAPED CURTAIN WALL SYSTEM – is the combination of simple design and ease of installation with the structure reliability. It is applied when they construct new buildings and reconstruct old ones.

The main principle of facade system operation is in provision of continuous natural circulation of air (ventilation) which ensures long-term service to the required elements and surfaces. The system has special racks of 90° and 135° as well as racks with regulated angle of rotation from 90° to 170°.  

The system provides possibility to use special external sun-screening fins to be mounted to the rack.

Technical details
External visible part 50 mm
Range of racks 50 - 200 mm
Range of girders 16 - 182 mm
Range of filling 4 - 50 mm
Max.static load applied to rack Ix=1077 Iy=64.7 cm4
Max.static load applied to girder Ix=519 Iy=50.8 cm4
Thermal insulation - EN ISO 10077-2 Uf = 1.89 - 7.10 W/(m²*K)