70LS Lift and slide system


Lift and Slide System features the structure which leaves will be lifted when the handle is rotated by 180 degrees and will slid along the parallel slide-rails. Such system ena-bles to mount the structure from the floor to the ceiling and from the wall to the wall, not only into conventional aperture specified for a window or a door.
The system features:
1. Profiles walls thickness is of 2 mm. The Company produc-ers all profile systems out of primary aluminum, what pro-vides high-quality of the produced profiles.
2. Frames and leaves are furnished with thermal bridges out of high-quality polyamide ranging from 18 to 34 mm, what provides high degree of thermal insulation of premise.
3. Completed structure reliability is provided by overall di-mensions of the profiles. Frame - 151,3 mm, leaf - 69,5 m. This profile system enables to produce structures of height of up to 3,5 meters.
4. 70LS aluminum lift and slide system is of fine and aes-thetically pleasing appearance but also of high degree of bur-glar retardant feature. This is achieved through vertical multi-point lock (mounted in the leaf) and two steel catches fas-tened on the structure frame (also at customer's option it is possible to mount additional catches).
5. Noise reduction and ease of use. High quality and reliable fittings of German brand of «Siegenia» reduce noise, provides proper and reliable operation of the leaf, it is so easy to oper-ate that even a child can do that. The fittings enable to fabri-cate the leaf of weight of up to 300 kg regardless of its di-mensions.
6. When selecting the aluminum system there is a factor of importance — thickness of a double-glazing unit. 70LS alu-minum lift and slide system enables to mount the double-glazing unit of thickness of up to and including 50 mm, what provides high thermal and sound-insulation of a premise.
7. Design and structure that tie together with any interior. Wide variety of powder coatings, décor to the wood structure and coating of «shagreen» enables to select colours for the structure which will becomingly and finely blend in any inte-rior.
8. Possibility to mount mosquito net, this is of importance in summer time when people are disposed to feel the cool of the summer evening and relish the evening atmosphere.
9. Additional thermal bridge out of polyvinyl chloride is de-signed to improve thermal insulation of lift and slide struc-tures. Thermal conductivity of the series is of Uf=2,56 Wt/(m2*К)
10. 70 LS system is competitive in relation to the price what enables to benefit the handiness and comfort with no loss in quality.
70LS lift and slide series is equipped with plugs and decora-tive fixtures to provide tightness and aesthetic appearance, besides the producers keep on improving it.
Our Company specialists will recommend you the most opti-mal version of lift and slide system meeting all your require-ments as for the price and exterior appearance. We will ren-der assistance as for calculations and will advise you as for mounting and assembly.

Technical details
Width of leaf 69.5 mm
Width of thermal bridge 32 mm
Thickness of glazing 18 - 54 mm
Weight it can withstand up to 400 kg
Thermal conductivity Uf = 2.56 W/(m²*K)