40C System


This series is featured by light weight, small overall dimensions of frames and leaves. It is designed for interior structures and doors and windows of no stringent requirements on thermal insulation.
- All the profiles are extruded out of high-quality primary aluminum alloy only.
- It is possible to fabricate structures of different types of opening – turning and tilt-and-turn ones.
- It is applicable for fabrication of interior partitions in trade, office centres, banking institutions.
- It is furnished with Euro-groove to mount accessories of such leading European producers Fapim, Ragni, Stublina and others.
- It includes profiles with grooves for PVC accessories.
- It is furnished with several contours of high-quality EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) seals.
- It is completed with junctions for mechanical assembly.
- It enables to perform assembly using the method of «pressing-in» of corners to provide higher strength of completed structures.
- The profiles can be painted using RAL table colours; the profiles can have anodized coating or wood grain decoration using the special method of sublimation.
- The system`s adaptors and planks have sets of special PVC plug fittings to provide tightness and finished exterior appearance of the structure.
- The system is very competitive because of the low-budget price.

Technical details
Width of frame 40 mm
Width of wing 45 mm
Width of wall 1.2 - 1.3 mm
Thickness of glazing 4 - 22mm