54T System


Window-door «warm series», furnished with thermal bridge out of polyamide of 18 mm.
The said profiles system is mainly applied in the southern climatic zone of our country.
It is suitable for fabrication of windows and doors of different type of opening, entrance structures.
- The thermal bridge provides thermal insulation.
- It is fabricated out of high-quality primary aluminum.
- Wide choice of frames and leaves enables to assemble products of different configurations – turning, tilt and turn ones.
- It is furnished with Euro-groove to mount accessories of such leading European producers Fapim, Ragni, Stublina and others.
- It includes profiles with grooves for PVC accessories.
- It is furnished with several contours of high-quality EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) seals.
- Central EPDM rubber furthers tightness.
- It is completed with junctions for mechanical assembly.
- It enables to perform assembly using the method of «pressing-in» of corners to provide higher strength of completed structures.
- The profiles can be painted using RAL table colours; the profiles can have anodized coating or wood grain decoration using the special method of sublimation.
- The system`s adaptors and planks have sets of special PVC plug fittings to provide tightness and finished exterior appearance of the structure.
- For many years this series is in demand because of optimum compromise between price and quality.

Technical details
Width of frame 54, 64 mm
Width of wing 59 mm
Width of wall 1.2 - 1.3 mm
Thickness of glazing 4 - 34 mm
Width of thermal bridge 18 mm
Thermal conductivity Uf = 2.86 W/(m²*K)