60T System

60T System 60T System 60T System
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Tried-and-true, reliable, technically developed system of aluminum profiles with thermal separation to fabricate window, door and translucent structures. The aluminum profiles are appropriate for any type of entrance lobbies. Depth of the system is of 70 mm, providing higher rigidity of aluminum structure. Three contours of special sealing to provide maximal moisture and air-tightness. Thermal insulation is provided by thermal bridge made of polyamide armoured by fiber-glass. Width of thermal bridge - 24mm.

  • All insulating materials POLYAMID, all the sealings are made of ethylene-propylene-diene monomer rubber.
  • Replaceable watertight and dust-proof sealing.
  • Viable and high-quality angular joints of possibility to mount a wedge or a pin.
  • Reliable air exhaust and water removal system.
  • Production of functional windows and doors of any profile with standard and non-standard angles.
Technical details
Width of frame 60, 70 mm
Width of wing 59 mm
Width of wall 1.3 mm
Thickness of glazing 10 - 36 mm
Width of thermal bridge 24 mm
Thermal conductivity Uf = 2.58 W/(m²*K)